Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Favorite Spring Flowers

Though it is sleeting like crazy outside today I am still envisioning perfect flowers emerging from that wet soil.

My all-time favorite is the tulip.  There is something so perfect and seemingly beyond reach about this flower. As a child I rarely saw them and when I did it was amazing.  Even today it is a special occasion to see them bloom and grace my dining room table.

Limit seems to make you appreciate something even more.
How much do we appreciate the dandelion?

Image courtesy of Judy Stalus Photographs

I like daffodils for another reason.  They don't seem as limited as the tulip.  Spring is often graced with thousands of these sprinkled across gardens.  Daffodils were cheerily blooming the week my dad passed away.  It was a sad time, but each year they continue to pop up in April to remind me of how cheery and kind he was to us.

Image courtesy of Judy Stalus Photographs

Friday, April 8, 2011

Flowers and Storms

I was looking out my cloudy window today and thinking about how happy I am that spring is here.  I found this fun photograph by Erin Tyner that perfectly illustrates my idea of this fresh season...flowers and storms.  Both powerful and dynamic.

Photo courtesy of Erin Tyner Photography