Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Collection Box

Something I have always wanted to build is a coffee table shadow box where I can showcase beautiful items we find outdoors. It would be painted white, with a glass top. Imagine the floor of this box being a beautiful classic yellow and white wallpaper pattern, with a display of lovely acorns, pine cones, seed pods, and nests lovingly placed on top. Until this dream comes true I've collected images below to fill my digital collection box.

Photo courtesy of SLG Designs

pine cones
Photo courtesy of Lola's Room Photography

poppy seed pods
Photo courtesy of HoneyTree Photography

Photo courtesy of Judy Stalus Photographs

Photo courtesy of f2images

Friday, October 8, 2010

Divine Divan

One of my good friends, Tres Fromme, is a talented landscape architect and artist living in Texas. Amazingly, he whips up these detailed sketches in minutes.

I asked him to share some garden wisdom through his enchanting ink drawings. Today he has highlighted a "divan".

Divine Divan

Tres describes himself as a designer specializing in plant-rich spaces...and I can tell you that is oh so true! Contact him here.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Garden Candy

I recently found out that raspberries are in the top ten for most nutrient rich foods. An even better reason to eat them every day.

Have I said that I love raspberries? This is the candy of a garden.

raspberry boxes
Photo courtesy of Deliciously Organized

raspberry red cup
Photo courtesy of Canelle et Vanille

raspberry basket
Photo courtesy of Frolic

raspberry cup
Photo courtesy of Straight from the Farm

Learn how to throw a special raspberry garden party at The Lunch Box Project.