Sunday, November 7, 2010

Book Review: Home Ground - Language for an American Landscape

A few weeks ago Trinity University Press shared their new book, Home Ground, with me and asked for a review. I have always been intrigued with garden vocabulary, so jumped at the chance to read this publication.

In the simplest sense Home Ground is a collection of landscape terms. I was quite surprised to find that it is not just a reference book, though successfully fills that role. It is a beautiful collection of writings from a multitude of authors on how they define the landscape.

Accuracy is impeccable, but the real punch is how each author injects culture, history and sometimes memory into the evolution of these terms. Of course, many lovely illustrations accompany the terms that need additional clarification.

Home Ground is a beautiful celebration of the landscape from the hearts of many devoted people. This is a book one should have on their shelf to fulfill answers, yet in the end you will also find inspiration. It is an absolute pleasure to read about the such a personal way. By knowing the language of American landscape, our sense of place is heightened.

The book is available at booksellers everywhere and at Enjoy!

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