Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Home's First Welcoming Gesture

I was searching for garden photos the other day and came across this beautiful website for the design firm, Landscape East in Virginia Beach. The stunning photos were mesmerizing and allowed me to imagine the same beautiful spaces in my backyard.

Landscape East3

This is such a great example of how your website can set the tone for the rest of your company. Instantly I visualized romantic gardens, air-filled flowery scents, and sounds of trickling water.

Landscape East6

It was even more fun reading about the owner, Roy Cutler, and how he went from banker to self-taught designer and horticulturist. He definitely has an eye for good design on several levels.

Landscape East1

His designs are based on beauty and function...a man after my own heart. Roy also describes a garden as your home's first welcoming gesture for friends and family. Awe. I just love that.

Landscape East5

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