Monday, October 3, 2011

A Sweet Little Allium

Sometimes it's a struggle finding a plant that always looks good, plus has the bonus of blooming at an odd fall.  Allium senescens ssp. glaucum falls into that special category.

I found this plant while looking for another allium and it's been such a fabulous addition. I've been quite happy with its beautiful blue-gray twisted foliage, plus its sweet little purplish-pink flower.

I have it right in the front of my border, because the foliage stays small and tight (only about 6" tall).  The flowers start to pop out in August and stay as tight buds until September when they finally burst open.  It's now the start of October and they are still blooming (we've even had a couple of frosts already).  The flower heads are only about 1.5" wide and about 12" tall. Oh, and I live in central Iowa (zone 5a/4b) so you can compare to your own area.

The added bonus...they are easy to divide.  Eventually they can be spread along the front of a border to give a polka-dot like feel in the fall.

To find out more about this cute little plant visit Missouri Botanical Garden's Kemper Center For Home Gardening plant database.

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