Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Neighborhood Sheds

Can functional structures like sheds be beautiful too?

As we decorated ours with corn stalks a couple of weeks ago I realized how lucky we were to have such a lovely, vibrant shed in our garden.  I then realized our neighborhood was filled with similar structures...some old, some new, but all stunning. They all store tools (and some even chickens), plus garden ephemera.  Each one has an intriguing beauty.

Rather than build a typical shed in your yard, create a functional masterpiece that becomes an integral component of your garden.

Our fun orange garden shed designed and constructed by my husband.
Our neighbor's garden shed and chicken coop to the east of our house. 
A shaker-like shed and beautiful worn brick a couple of houses to the north.
The oldest and most detailed shed in our neighborhood located just to the northeast. 

A big thanks to all of our neighbors for letting me tromp through your yards, move around your garden tools and allowing me to flip your light switches on and off to take these photos.


  1. Thanks for bringing sheds forward as a landscape topic. My business is both Landscape Design and Custom shed Design.
    A small storage shed or pool house can be a focal point for your landscape.
    Please see several examples under "Custom Sheds"
    best regards;
    Joe LaCava

    1. Joe- Thanks for sharing your website and more importantly, your expertise! I'm so glad you build such wonderful structures!