Friday, April 27, 2012

Don't Forget the Trim

An essential part of the perennial border often not given the deserved attention is the front...the extreme front.  Often we jump into plants that are 18" to 24" tall in this location, but what makes this part of the border special is the beautiful trim of really short plants...those 12" or less.  I've been experimenting with this living trim for a few years and have discovered a few beauties.  One of them is Veronica x 'Waterperry Blue'. This plant only grows 4-6" tall and has an amazing blue flower in the spring.  The foliage also has a slight burgundy tinge making it extra nice throughout the growing season.

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  1. Hi there ! ......Any Garden in any garden bed .......even the most cottage like and chaotic .......benifits from a good edge ! ..I am a huge Hosta fan ......and many come in dwarf varieties that make a perfect border on the front of an everblooming bed ...I also have many that I trim out with a formal ( and kept short ) box hedge .....Or if more informal .......I love to edge them with lavender ......It too can be happily pruned ....! I also use ground covers and " step on me " plants with stepping stones at the front of boaders .......Ultimately it is the 'well tending " that matters .....pruning down what has gone by allow what is in bloom to take center stage .! .....THe best fertilizer is a gardener's shadow !!! M