Monday, April 2, 2012

Garden Thresholds: Gates

Have you ever thought about how one moves from one space to the next in the garden? The point at which you leave one garden room and step into another should be special...maybe even magnificent.  This transition point or threshold can include an arbor, columns, a break in a hedge or even a simple paving change.  Below are images of my favorite type of garden threshold...gates.

Image courtesy of Gary Heller Photography
Image courtesy of Baker Photography
Image courtesy of Gilding Lilies
Image courtesy of Chez Jolly
Image courtesy of Katie Lloyd Photography


  1. How lovely! It makes the gardens look so enchanting. Thank you for including my garden gate photo.

    1. Thanks so much for allowing me to use your beautiful photo!

  2. You're right, there isn't much thought to the transition from one garden space to another. The images here are just beautiful. The gates give a cozy feel somehow.