Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Cutting Garden :: Pink Bouquet

One of my favorite things to grow is cut flowers. I can't be outside 24-7, so I bring in as many flowers as possible. My husband kindly makes me a large area near the vegetable garden where I can hack away as many blooms as needed (he hates it when I touch his perennials).

pink bouquet
Photo courtesy of small stump + studio choo

Each month I'd like to show you an array of floral design using mostly garden flowers with hints of greenhouse ones. This arrangement is a beauty from small stump + studio choo. The flowers are identified below.

bouquet with text


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! This looks like it came right up off the pages of my favorite magazine, Victoria!

  2. Stephanie - I love Victoria magazine too!! It must influence me more than I know!