Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Dichotomy of Formal and Informal

In high school I became enamored with farms and prairie.

red barn
Photo courtesy of Maleah Matthews Photography

As we ran long distances in cross country we would pass one perfect farm after the other. I became intrigued with the big barns, two-story houses and rows of corn. The geometry was mesmerizing and held a secret world unknown to me (I lived in town and when much younger in the big city of Chicago).

white wash barn
Photo courtesy of Matthew Morgan Photography

We also ran in a beautiful county park filled with prairie, woodlands and streams. I was equally mesmerized by this informal landscape. Today I still enjoy the dichotomy of formal and informal.
in the pasture
Photo courtesy of Jonas Peterson

Why do you need to favor one over the other? Quite honestly, it's the combination that creates edginess in the landscape.

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