Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Topiary Part

How did I arrive at the title of this blog? I wanted words that described my garden ideal. The "topiary" part refers to my passion for garden history and formal design.

green arbor
Photo courtesy of Obsession with Jello

A co-worker recently said to me...why do people always want to see a formal garden with clipped hedges, topiary and perfectly groomed paths? Frankly, it's because they never get to see that. How many of you have a knot garden in your backyard? Think about the energy that goes into a garden like this. Yes, it's time consuming, but think of the personal connection you develop with that type of landscape (you either hate it or love it), but in the end we're all intrigued with it.

woman on horse

Just so you know, this blog is not just about formal's really about how we manipulate our outdoor environment to make it our own. What's up with the "tiramisu" part? That's in the next post.

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